Choose which LESS files to compile into your custom build of Bootstrap. Not sure which files to use? Read through the CSS and Components pages in the docs

Common CSS


JavaScript components


Choose which jQuery plugins should be included in your custom JavaScript files. Unsure what to include? Read the JavaScript page in the docs.

Linked to components


Produces two files

All checked plugins will be compiled into a readable bootstrap.js and a minified bootstrap.min.js. We recommend you use the minified version in production.

jQuery required

All plugins require the latest version of jQuery to be included.

Customize LESS variables to define colors, sizes and more inside your custom CSS stylesheets.


Body background

Background color applied to <body>.


Default sans-serif fonts.

Default serif fonts.

Default monospace fonts for <code> and <pre>.

Used to globally set font-family in Bootstrap.

Used to calculate font-size throughout Bootstrap.

Used to calculate line-height throughout Bootstrap.

Code blocks


Choose a separate font-family for headings.

Choose a separate font-weight for headings.

Choose a separate line-height for headings.


Define custom colors used in several contexts.

Used for primary buttons, panels and more.

Used to indicate success.

Used to indicate a warning.

Used to indicate danger.

Used to indicate informational content.

Define your preferred colors for standard text and links.

Global color set on the body.

Global link color for text.

Automatically darken links on hover via color function.

Media queries breakpoints

Define the breakpoints at which your layout will change, adapting to different screen sizes.

Container sizes

Define the maximum width of .container for different screen sizes.

For @screen-sm and up.

For @screen-md and up.

For @screen-lg and up.

Grid system

Define your custom responsive grid.