Virtualisation platforms and technologies represent a big focal point of the technology scene these days.

Recently I’ve watched a dockercon 2015 presentation by Bryan Cantrill, CTO of Joyent, an OS kernel developer for 20 years and father of Dtrace as he calls himself [1], about how to debug docker containers gone bad in production. [2]

I recommend to anyone working or thinking of working with linux containers and docker especially to watch this presentation !

I have to say that this is one of the best presentations I’ve seen when it comes to showing the full picture of the docker tooling, lifecycle and ecosystem.

Have you ever felt the OSx UI/system to be too restrictive ?

Are you fed up with how the UI on the later installations of OSx is transforming itself into a phone UI ?

< insert_additional_favourite_reason_here >

Have you ever wondered how it is like to run a linux distro on a macbook pro retina, just in case you had to use a macbook pro but don’t want/like to use the OSx installation ?

If so than continue reading to find out more.

reading time: ~7m

Is x2goclient continuously asking you for enter passphrase to decrypt a key even when you absolutely know you’ve typed it correctly, or you already know the ssh key is handled by your ssh agent ?

Have you verified that your ssh key based login is working, via a terminal shell already ?

If yes, than read further to understand all about why x2goclient behaves that way and why I think this is a new bug in x2goclient.

Twitter [1] is one of these relatively “recent” proprietary platforms that make a few things a lot easier:

  • sharing interesting articles
  • sharing links
  • sharing ideas - short ideas <= 140 chars :)
  • ask someone from another country their feedback on something
  • you can give feedback, in almost real-time, to the maintainers of some piece of software you use
  • spam everybody with every single thing you do at every hour of the day ;) …

That being said, the status of the twitter desktop clients on Linux is close to unusable.